Nothing is impossible, they say.
Well, then it is no longer impossible
to become a globe-trotter.

Here’s some insight into our journey equipped to help with your quests!

How Does


Login with your Facebook account to know countries/ cities traveled by you.

When you are traveling to any part of the world, make a ‘check-in’ and you’ll be geo-tagged, and that will help your account to synchronize to your travel bucket. It will help you to know how much part of the world has already been traveled by you.


Plan your travel according to countries you would want to travel in your near future. We have local tourist attractions, transport and other videos to help you prepare a schedule.


Enjoy seamless booking your travel and excursions around the world, while we also assure toprovide you with best deals on bookings.



Becoming a world traveler has never been easier, track countries you have travelled so far and focus on the countries you want to travel in the near future.
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Traveled countries

Track countries already travelled so far without any effort. This requires login through your Facebook account.
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This is linked with your Facebook account, where you could make ‘check-ins’ and you’ll be geo-tagged, and that will help your account to synchronize to your travel bucket.
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Planned Countries

This helps you keep track of your travel goals by planning to visit countries in the near future.
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relevant videos to help you set up an itinerary for your travel.
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Tourist Attraction

Discover tourist attractions and famous sites to visit around you. This also helps you with available local transport, shopping spots, parks and recreations, and much more.
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Foodie Zone

Food is what links people, it’s a universal language. And you can now access a variety of restaurants and places to hang-out in, around you to taste different cuisines and cultures.
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Medical Emergency

In case of emergency, we make it easy for you to access available medical emergency services near your place.
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Enjoy seamless booking, no matter where ever you go, with our best deals for hotels & flights.
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It’s time to travel the
smart way.

There are over 200- countries to travel, and just one life to use for it. Join us, as we enable you to pack your bags onto the roads of wondrous journeys.
Seamless Tracking

Enjoy seamless tracking of countries you travel.

No manual intervention

Auto synchronized with your facebook account

Intelligent Planning

Enjoy intelligent planning whenever wherever you go on this earth.

Access to Tourist attraction, videos, food / cafe, medical emergency.

Easy payment

We support majorly all credit cards and other mode of payments.

Seamless Booking

Enjoy seamless booking when you travel to anywhere and anytime in the world.

365/24/7 Support

We have dedicated team to support you.

For any support you can call us at

You may contact us on
twitter: traveamercare

You're just one step away from becoming globe-trotter.

It's not a dream but reality.